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Baptism Preparation

for Children of School age

Baptismal preparation is above all the responsibility of the parents in conjunction with the parish priest.

At the request of priests, the diocese has published a workbook which can be used to help prepare children for Baptism.  It is for the parish priest to decide how and where this preparation takes place e.g. in parish or school, by a catechist or by the parents themselves.

This page provides some extra resources for parents or other adults to supplement the diocesan family workbooks.
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Child-friendly introduction to different aspects of Baptism

Answers to important questions about Baptism
Articles answering various questions about Baptism
Rite of Baptism in detail  
Introduction to the Sacrament of Baptism
Simple introduction to Baptism, including godparents and baptismal symbols

Aileen Urquart, Let’s Go to Baptism, Redemptorist Publications, £3.75 

(simple and attractively-presented introduction to Baptism for younger children)

Redemptorist Publications,Your Baby’s Baptism, ISBN 978-0-85231-082-3, has a good, short clear section on the symbols of baptism on pages 8-9 as well as other good explanations and 
photographs. £3.95.  Available from

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