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P7 - Jesus and Justice

These exemplar narratives follow the core learning chosen by the John Ogilvie cluster group/working group, and the Our Lady's/Cardinal Newman cluster group/working group and contained in the diocesan planning exemplars:
P7 Jesus and Justice short version (click to open)
P7 Jesus and Justice long version (click to open)

Exemplar narrative 1:

OLHS Cluster

- With a P7 class I took a little longer than 3 weeks to deliver theme.

- I began by looking at people who are undeprivileged in our society, and looked at how they are treated. I linked this to scripture passages to show how Jeus was treated and how he responded to others. (Linked with Baptism RERC 2-24a) - We are called to follow his example - to pray.

- I included Mother Teresa as well as other Saints (Stephen, Pope JPII). 

- We examined web sites associated to these.

- I then included the Beatitudes, the Sermon on the Mount - visual aid - discussed the content of the sermon, relating it to life today. 

- Grouped children into 8 small groups and they made posters, describing each beatitude and applying it to modern day. Completed posters finished the topic.

- Web site - google Mother Teresa cartoon video). There were more I could have included but time was a major factor.

(Editor note: this excellent approach could perhaps include the last few parts of core learning, by adding women to the list of how Jesus treated people, and perhaps including Archbishop Romero whilst considering Mother Teresa, JP II etc)

Write - About the life of Mother Theresa and saints researched/

Say - Discuss underpriveleged people and Jesus' treatment of them.
       - Discuss beatitudes.

Make - Create a power point about saints
          - Design a poster about 8 beatitudes relating them to today.

Do - Read scripture passages about how Jesus treats others
      - Examine internet research
      - Draw the scene of the sermon the mount
      - Watch Mother Theresa cartoon videos.

'Foundations of Faith' values, P7 Sacred Heart Bellshill



Scottish inculturation religious art, P7 OLGA Cathedral Primary, Motherwell

Jesus the Teacher, P7 OLGA Cathedral Primary, Motherwell

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