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Bishop Toal's Live Streamed Mass Schedule

Over the next few weeks, as well as the regular Sunday Mass at 6.00am which will continue each week, Bishop Toal will be offering Holy Mass live on Facebook for the following occasions: 🙏HOLY MASS FOR THE 75TH ANNIVERSARY OF VE DAY - Holy Mass will be live streamed at 2.00pm on Friday 8th May. This Mass will be offered to remember our elderly generations who served our country so bravely through the 2nd World War, and who are now being affected so much by the Covid-19 Virus. 🙏HOLY MASS FOR THE FEAST OF OUR LADY OF FATIMA - Normally on this Feast, Bishop Toal would celebrate Holy Mass at Carfin Grotto. Instead, this year he will celebrate Holy Mass live on Facebook on Wednesday 13th May at 11.00am for all to participate to honouring Our Blessed Lady. 🙏HOLY MASS FOR THE SCHOOLS OF THE DIOCESE - On Ascension Thursday, 21st May at 11.00am, Bishop Toal will offer a special Mass for the schools of the Diocese which will be live streamed online so that teachers, pupils and families can join 'virtually' as all the schools would normally attend Mass on this day. Bishop Toal will offer Holy Mass to link in with the school communities and pray for them during this period of disruption and uncertainty. Please join us live on our Facebook for these Masses which will give our Diocesan community an opportunity to come together in prayer during these difficult days.


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