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Mgr Millar appointed new Spiritual Director to Oscott College

After discussion with Fr Giles Goward, the Rector of St Mary’s College Oscott, Bishop Toal has agreed that Mgr. Tom Millar, PP of Our Lady of Lourdes, East Kilbride, take up an appointment as Spiritual Director at Oscott. Although the appointment will not become effective until September 2021, it has been agreed that Mgr. Millar’s appointment be announced today, the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of Our Blessed Lady, in both the College and the Diocese. Mgr. Millar is happy to accept the ministry of Seminary Spiritual Director and he does so with my support and blessing. I see it also as a sign of collaboration with St Mary’s Oscott, the seminary in which a number of our priests have received their formation in recent years. I ask your prayers for Mgr. Millar in his present and future ministry and for all involved in seminary formation. I ask your prayers also for the parishioners of Our Lady of Lourdes, for whom a new PP will be provided next summer. May Mary, our Mother, pray for us as we strive to serve the Lord in our vocations and through the ministries allotted to us.


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