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Sunday of the Word of God

This Sunday, 26th January, the Third Sunday of Ordinary Time, the Church is invited to be particularly devoted to the celebration, study and dissemination of the Word of God.

Pope Francis established this celebration last September, in his Apostolic Letter Motu Proprio "Aperuit illis".

The title of the document, "Aperuit illis", refers to St Luke's Gospel where the Evangelist describes how the Risen Lord appeared to His disciples. and how 'He opened their minds to understand the scriptures'.

Recalling the importance given by the Second Vatican Council to rediscovering Sacred Scripture for the life of the Church, Pope Francis highlights how 'the role of the Holy Spirit in the Scriptures is primordial'. 'Without the works of the Spirit, there would always be the risk of remaining limited to the written text alone'. The Pope continues: It is the Holy Spirit who 'makes Sacred Scripture the living word of God, experienced and handed down in the faith of His holy people'.

Pope Francis invites us to never take God's word for granted, 'but instead to let ourselves be nourished by it, in order the acknowledge and live fully with Him and with our brothers and sisters'.


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