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Inter-religious Dialogue


Diocesan co-ordinator for Inter-Religious Dialogue

Rev. Charles Coyle


message from fr Coyle

I sit on the Scottish Catholic Bishops Conference Committee for Inter-Religious Dialogue.  

I'm having a couple of meetings in the next couple of weeks.  Can you please advertise them on our social Media?


The first one is for inter religious dialogue at 7pm in the Xavier Centre at Carfin Grotto on the 31st of October.


The second meeting is for inter Christian dialogue at 7pm in the Xavier Centre at Carfin Grotto on the 7th of November



The meetings are for anyone in the diocese who are interested in these subjects 


I am sure there are many people in the Diocese who have maintained good relations with people of other faiths, and I would particularly like to meet them and learn from them.


I am specifically interested in:


• Compiling a register of all non-Christian faith groups who are active within our Diocese

• Developing a network of people who have established dialogue, or who are interested in establishing dialogue with other faith groups


If you are interested in participating, please contact Fr Coyle on

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