Inter-religious Dialogue

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Diocesan co-ordinator for Inter-Religious Dialogue

Rev. Charles Coyle


message from fr Coyle

I sit on the Scottish Catholic Bishops Conference Committee for Inter-Religious Dialogue.  I'd like to invite anyone in the Diocese who has an interest in Inter-religious Dialogue to a meeting in in St Anthony's Church Hall on Saturday 20th of August at 11.00am.  This will be an opening meeting for a possible Diocesan group who would organise and lead dialogue with any other faith groups who are currently based within the boundary of our Diocese.  


I am sure there are many people in the Diocese who have maintained good relations with people of other faiths, and I would particularly like to meet them and learn from them.


I am specifically interested in:


• Compiling a register of all non-Christian faith groups who are active within our Diocese

• Developing a network of people who have established dialogue, or who are interested in establishing dialogue with other faith groups


If you are interested in participating, please contact Fr Coyle on

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