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Letter to the Faithful

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

It was a shock to hear yesterday afternoon of the death of Canon William O’Sullivan, and I join with the whole Diocesan community in praying for his eternal rest. Our thoughts and prayers are very much with his family in Ireland and his former parishioners here in Motherwell Diocese, particularly in St Barbara’s, Muirhead, where he was Parish Priest for the later part of his priesthood. He is remembered with much affection in St Barbara’s and across the Diocese, and we give thanks for his fruitful ministry. We recall in a particular way the young men from the parish who were encouraged by him to respond to the Lord’s call to become priests and were ordained in St Barbara’s during Canon Willie’s time as Parish Priest. They are a tangible sign of his quiet prayerful influence in the parish. May he rest in God’s peace.

Through the month of November we will pray for all the dead, particularly our own loved ones, and I encourage you to attend Mass through this time of remembrance.

With my prayers and best wishes,

Yours in Christ,

+ Joseph Toal


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