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Scottish Churches Covid-19 Report

Earlier this year Action of Churches Together in Scotland (ACTS) and the Scottish Church Leaders' Forum (SCLF) commissioned and independent research company "Brendan Research" to carry out a survey that would provide detailed information of the impact of the Pandemic on the functioning of Scottish Churches. His Grace, Archbishop Cushley, represents the Catholic Church in Scotland on the SCLF. Earlier this week, the completed study, entitled ""Adapt and be Flexible - the Mission Doesn't Stop": The Scottish Church and the COVID-19 Pandemic."" was released> Below, as a taster , I include some comments from the report:

"96% of 369 congregational leaders spanning 27 difference denominations continued with ministry and mission work despite the most serious challenge facing the country since the Second World War".

" The lockdown and subsequent legal restrictions to the opening of buildings resulted in a dramatic rise in online worship and other content, with 92% of churches offering some form of weekly material".

"Increased online and social media activity has allowed congregations and Church leaders to reach substantially more people than they did prior to the pandemic".

"leaders have been faithful to their calling, preaching the Word in season and out of season and witnessing to the love and faithfulness of God at a time of "unprecedented disruption and suffering"".

The Scottish Church and the COVID-19 Pan
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