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Drama Conventions

Why not try them in RE?

An umbrella term for unscripted acting out which can include role play.

Thought tracking
When a character speak their thoughts and feelings from a still image or a freeze frame.

Still Image
When the children create a still image in relation to their drama.

Thought Tunnel
A double line of children who speak the thoughts and feelings of the character who is walking between the double lines.

Freeze Frame
When the children stopped,  not moving or speaking representing a critical moment in their drama.

Teacher in Role
When the teacher takes part in the drama alongside the children.

Mantel of the Expert
The children are given the role as expert in the drama.

Vox Pop (not used in SQA      A Body of Knowledge)
The teacher asks the children when they are, in role, a series of quick questions about the position their character finds themselves  in.

Role on the Wall  ( not used in SQA    A Body of Knowledge )
A simple outline of a character is drawn on a large sheet of paper.   Around the outside of the body the children write words and phrases that others think of the character.   On the inside of the body children write what the character is thinking and feeling.

Acting without words.  Configuration mime is when the children can become objects,  building,  furniture etc.  White mime is when the children would draw an object in the air e.g.  a glass of coke  then use it in their mime.

Hot Seating
A child or an adult sits in the ‘ Hot Seat ’  becoming a character who is related to the drama.  The rest of the class ask that character questions. 

When a child or a teacher tells the story of the drama,  either as,  someone looking on who is not involved in the drama or a s a character within the drama.

The children go back in time and create what could  have happened to the characters in the past.

The children go forward and create what could have happened to the characters in the future.

A character on their own,  speaking their thoughts.

Slow Motion
When a moment in drama is slowed down with no speaking.

Voices in the Head
When you hear what a character is thinking and feeling.  With opposing voices being heard from the one character. 

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