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75th anniversary of Motherwell Diocese

Next Friday, 21st April at 7.00pm, our Diocese will gather in Our Lady of Good Aid Cathedral to celebrate a Mass on Thanksgiving for the 75th anniversary of the Diocese of Motherwell.

The Mass will take place on the date of the Consecration of Bishop Edward Douglas, the first Bishop of Motherwell and the Principal Celebrant of the Mass will be Archbishop William Nolan.

As well as celebrating the anniversary of the Diocese of Motherwell, it will be our official welcome to Archbishop Nolan, who was a priest of Motherwell Diocese, as Archbishop of Glasgow and our Metropolitan Archbishop.

Please make an extra special effort to join us for this historic occasion, giving thanks to God for the faith celebrated in our Diocese over the past 75 years and for the Bishops, Priests and laity who have faithful served the Diocese during that time. All welcome!


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