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Bishop Toal pays tribute to the late Archbishop Tartaglia

On behalf of everyone in the Diocese of Motherwell I express our shock and sadness on the sudden

death of Archbishop Philip Tartaglia. We offer the support of our prayers to his family and the

community of the Archdiocese of Glasgow, and join with them in commending his soul to the tender

mercy of our Loving Father through the saving power of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

In the years I have shared with him in the episcopal ministry I have heard him repeatedly express his

steadfast belief in Christ and the need for Him to be at the heart of all we say and do in the Church,

his Body. His faith was straight-forward and re-assuring, and from that came the wise counsel which

he offered in the deliberations about and the decisions taken in so many areas of the Church’s

Mission in Glasgow Archdiocese and In the Bishops’ Conference of Scotland. As his brother bishops

we will miss him greatly, and that sense of loss is shared with so many others.

It is good to remember with gratitude his priestly minister before he became a Bishop – in the

parishes he served in and in the seminaries he taught and rectored in. Those who attended his

classes remember him as a gifted lecturer, and in later years he looked back with some nostalgia to

these times of theological investigation and teaching as a time of much fulfilment and contentment.

He loved his native city, and the family and community he grew up in. It was hard to leave his

parents and younger brothers and sisters to go to Junior Seminary to train for the priesthood, but it

must have been a great joy for the family that both he and his brother Gerry were ordained as

priests. We offer our sympathy now to all of them as they grieve the loss of their brother Philip, and

pray with them that he will be united with their beloved parents and their recently deceased sister

in Paradise, in the blessed company of Our Lady, St Mungo, and all the Saints.

May his soul , and the souls of all the faithful departed, rest in peace. Amen.

+Joseph Toal

Bishop of Motherwell


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