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Clergy Appointments

The following clergy appointments will take effect on the 31st August.

• Fr Paul Denney will become Parish Priest of St James, Coatbridge. Fr Paul will continue as Chaplain to Cardinal Newman High School, but will be released from the Chaplaincy at the West of Scotland University Hamilton Campus.

• Fr Mark O’Donnell will replace Fr Denney as Assistant Priest at Our Lady of Good Aid Cathedral. Fr Mark will continue as Chaplain at St John Ogilvie’s Secondary School, and is also appointed as Diocesan Youth Chaplain.

• Fr Kevin Lawrie will move to St Joseph’s and St John Ogilvie’s, Blantyre, as Assistant Priest. I thank Fr Kenny Campbell and Fr Kevin for their ministry in St James’ over the last year.

• Fr Frank McAleese, who recently came to the Diocese, will be Chaplain at Taylor High School over the next year. Fr McAleese will reside with me at St Gerard’s.

I thank all involved in these moves and the Parish Priests who minister along with the recently ordained priests.


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