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Extraordinary Urbi et Orbi Blessing

At 5.00pm on Friday 27th March, in order to offer intercession and consolation during this time of exceptional discomfort, the Holy Father, Pope Francis will preside of a time of prayer and Eucharistic Adoration in an empty St Peter's Square.

During this time of prayer, Pope Francis will impart an extraordinary Urbi et Orbi Blessing. This is a solemn blessing 'to the city and the world', normally given at Christmas and Easter.

The plenary indulgence attached to the Urbi et Orbi blessing is available to all who follow the event live online. The gift of special Indulgences is granted to the faithful suffering from COVID-19 disease, commonly known as Coronavirus, as well as to health care workers, family members and all those who in any capacity, including through prayer, care for them.

You can watch the extraordinary Urbi et Orbi blessing live below


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