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New Vicar General Appointed

Fr Gerry Chromy has had discussions with the Bishop about the possibility of him stepping down as Vicar General, and it has been agreed that this will happen. We thank Fr Gerry for his time as Vicar General and all the assistance given to the Bishop, and his participation in the duties and responsibilities as a Diocesan Trustee, which seem to grow all the time.

Fr Chromy’s successor will be Fr Raymond Breslin, Parish Priest of St Margaret’s, Airdrie, who is willing to take on this important Office in the Diocese, as well becoming a Diocesan Trustees alongside the Treasurer and Bishop. This change will be effective from Monday 4th July. We thank Fr Raymond for taking on this office of service and leadership in the diocese.

Fr Chromy has agreed to be Vicar for the Care of Clergy and Religious, a new post which is intended to give Priests, Deacons, and Religious Men and Women, a long-serving and well- respected priest who they can talk to in confidence about their ministry and any issues of concern. If anything needs to be brought to the Bishop, Fr Chromy will assist with this and will also give advice on what other possibilities of support may be beneficial.


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