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St Joseph's Cardowan (Stepps)

In 1874 the Rev. Michael (afterwards Canon) O'Keeffe erected at  Cardowan a Gothic church seated for 550.   The territory having this church as its centre contained twelve villages, with a Catholic population of about 1100, and till  that time had been attended from St.  Patrick's, Coatbridge.   It was opened as a separate mission on the 14th November, 1875, and was put under the charge of the Rev. Francis J. Hughes.   Fr. Hughes built  the presbytery in 1876;and on the 2nd August, 1880, he opened a day school with an attendance of about 100.   The Rev. Peter Fegan took charge in 1886, and he was succeeded in1889 by the Rev. John Dougan.   The Rev. John Black was appointed in 1893, and held the charge till his death on the 18th October, 1904.   Fr.  Black built a handsome new school in 1902, the  average attendance at  which last  year was 236.   The present incumbent, the Rev. Denis M'Brearty has  made extensive alterations and repairs on the mission buildings.   In 1905 a baptismal font was placed in the church by the congregation in memory of Fr. Black.


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