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First Communion Preparation

The reception of the Eucharist/Holy Communion is the hight point of our Christian initiation, and for many children it remains one of the most important memories of childhood.

Jesus continues to give the greatest gift of all: himself, in form of bread and wine.

Parents have a particular obligation to take their children to Mass on a Sunday during their preparation for the Sacrament of First Holy Communion.

This page provides some extra resources to complement the diocesan family workbooks.

Well-presented introduction to the Eucharist from an Australian diocesan website

FOR SECTION 2: the Sacrament, matching baptismal symbols to their meaning:
A simple guide to the symbols of Baptism
Simple guide to the different parts and symbols of Baptism

FOR SECTION 5: Holy Communion, labeling a church:
Virtual tour of a church (to help with labeling of parts of the church)
Virtual church tour with detailed explanations

Virtual town: click on the church to enter virtual church, then double-click the stairs to see overview of the church from the choir loft: parts of the church are labelled with an explanation of each.


Pope Benedict speaks personally and beautifully to a group of First Communicants at the close of the Year of the Eucharist


-  Maite Roche, My Little Missal, CTS Publications £3.95

 -  My First Holy Communion, Deirdre Mary Ascough, Clonmacnois Press 2010 p. 68-9 

- Juliette Levivier, Praying at Mass, CTS Publishers, £4.95  
(simple outline for Mass recommended for age 6-10)


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