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P4 - Passover at St Elizabeth's

St Elizabeth's Primary, Hamilton

P3/4 celebrated The Passover in preparation for the Sacrament Of The Eucharist. After reading Scripture from both Old and New Testament, watching Consecration Clips from on-line, viewing animated versions of The Last Supper,learning about the Jewish Passover traditions and making Passover Mats for our Passover Table, the class dramatised their own version.

Seated  around a large table using apple juice,large water-like biscuits and horseradish to represent bitter herbs, the children pretended to get their feet washed by Jesus then began to chat amongst themselves about their time in Jerusalem so far.  During our Passover Meal, Jesus took the bread and apple juice and re-enacted the first Last Supper.  We even had Judas washing his fingers with Jesus before excusing himself to go for an imaginery toilet break.

Everyone took part and had the opportunity to experience a  very important scene within our faith tradition.

In groups children use A3 paper to draw/represent the Sorrowful Mysteries.

During the Passover

Judas leaves


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