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P4 - Mary

These exemplar narratives follow the core learning chosen by the St Andrew's and St Bride's cluster group/working group, and the St Margaret's cluster group/working group and contained in the diocesan planning exemplars:
P4 Mary short version (click to open)
P4 Mary long version (click to open)

Exemplar narrative 1:

St Margaret's cluster meeting P4 group

Suggested activities:

-          altar preparation: suggestions for class altar.  Encourage pupils to each bring one item for altar

-          Procession: rosary and hymns; compare to Presentation of the Gifts at Mass (could perhaps be               used as style employed when preparing the altar)

-          images and titles of Mary to explore

-          Teach rosary for children – images of mysteries

-          Make rosary beads – explore significance of decades

Exemplar narrative 2:

Taylor High cluster

- Children help to decorate prayer area/May altar. Make cards/flowers with a message to Our Lady or quote from a prayer e.g.: the Memorare, Hail Mary etc.

-Pray a decade of the Rosary daily in May, ask children to take turns praying the Rosary.

-Processions at Mass - discuss and participate in them, especially First Holy Communion - processing for the Eucharist, Church visit, procession to Our Lady`s statue; pray Rosary, sing hymn e.g. Immaculate Mary - watch live Web Cam of Lourdes to see processions.

- Make Rosary beads - use playdough,clay, plastic beads etc. Also link to MISSIO Rosary.

- Teach prayers and sequence of Rosary - awareness raising of mysteries - link to Scripture and Mary`s role in Jesus life.

- Special attention if Our Lady is school patron e.g. special feast days.

Write - Write a prayer to Our Lady
         - The mysteries of the Rosary
         - The prayers and sequence of the Rosary.

Say - Say a rosary daily
       - Sing hymns to Mary.

Make - Cards and flowers using collage
          - Rosary beads using art materials
          - A prayer book for Mary.

Do - Take turns.
      - Learn the structure of a Rosary
      - Teach and help others with prayers
      - Look at the story behind prayers.

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