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P4 - Other World Religions

These exemplar narratives follow the core learning chosen by the St Andrew's and St Bride's cluster group/working group, and the St Margaret's cluster group/working group and contained in the diocesan planning exemplars:
P4 OWR short version (click to open)
P4 OWR long version (click to open)

Exemplar narrative 1:

Trinity learning community meeting working group

Introduction to other world religions

Build on previous knowledge (P3 Judaism), as outlined in core learning

Invite a child or outside volunteer of Muslim faith to speak to class, OR visit to Mosque, OR use IT to investigate

Comparisons (similarities/differences):  Allah – God; Torah – Qu’ran; Synagogue – Mosque; celebrations and symbols

If not covered by guest/volunteer speaker, highlighting respect and kindness for God, parents and elders

Assessment ideas:
Write:     Write an account of class visit to the Mosque
Say:        Class assembly, presenting their new knowledge to another class/school
Make:      Make holy objects
Do:          Create a presentation about similarities with Christianity

Exemplar narrative 2:

Holy Cross cluster meeting working group

-          Revisit prior learning initially (P3 Judaism)

-          Displaying Torah, Qu’ran along with Bible as sacred Word of faiths

-          If there are children of the Muslim community in the school it would be great to invite them to instruct others

-          Visit to a mosque, if possible/try to source a video clip/pictures of a mosque

(Editor's note : perhaps also highlight respect and kindness for God, parents and elders in Islam as per the core learning)

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