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P4 - Eastertide

These exemplar narratives follow the core learning chosen by the St Andrew's and St Bride's cluster group/working group, and the St Margaret's cluster group/working group and contained in the diocesan planning exemplars:
P4 Eastertide short version (click to open)
P4 Eastertide long version (click to open)


East Kilbride working group:

-          Change the focus of the Class Holy Area to White (cover, candles etc)

-          Discuss Easter Sunday and theResurrection.  

Read Matthew 28:16-20.  Respond to the story through drama or illustrations.

-          Write a poem (perhaps acrostic) – RISEN, ALLELUIA etc.

-          Discuss and ensure that children know that Alleluia is now proclaimed, Mass prayers, psalms and responses have changed (as Lent is now over)

-          Discuss Jesus appearing to his Disciples during the 40 days from Easter to the Ascension.

-          Discuss, attend and celebrate Ascension Thursday Mass.


-          Read the Pentecost story and narrative- Acts 2:1-4, Acts 2:1-13.

Discuss the central symbols of Wind and Fire.

-          Concentrate on the Disciples speaking in different tongues.  Ask children to suggest words used by the Disciples to spread the Good News.  Children should be encouraged to research these “Good News” words in different languages and decorate these on cut-out cardboard flames for display.

-          Circle Time Activity-children will be encouraged to discuss when they might need strength and courage in their lives.  Developing from this discussion, children will write a prayer asking the Holy Spirit to give them courage and strength in their lives.  These prayers could be read/offered as bidding prayers during a class prayer service.

-          Prayer Service to reinforce Pentecost-   Read the Pentecost Story, discuss the Holy Spirit speaking to the Disciples, sing hymns “Holy Spirit of Fire”, “Walk in the Light”, children read their devised prayers.

Trinity Sunday

-          Each child makes an individual 3-leaf Clover.  Distinguish Father, Son and Holy Spirit-ensure children understand the significance of Trinity- 3 persons in 1.

-          Discuss the Sign of the Cross, use of the Trinity.  Encourage children to slowly and carefully bless themselves using Holy Water.

Exemplar narrative 2

Coatbridge Cluster Meeting Primary 4 Group.

 - Gather the children around the Altar, focusing on the liturgical calendar.  Introduce the term 'Eastertide'. Examine the liturgical colours.  Focus on white (for Eastertide).  Complete the activity - 'dress the priest' (see appropriate web site below)

 - Links to previous learning - Talk about the importance of treating the bible with care/respect/talk about various names for the bible.  Sing the 'Alleluia' (Alive-O4).

 - Read together bible passage (Matthew 28: 16-20) story of the Ascension. Follow-up with storyboard activity.

 - Read together bible passage (Mark14: 12-16) discussion of last supper/washing of feet.  Enjoy a 'real' Last supperas a whole class; invite the Parish Priest.

 - Recap on the importance of the Eucharist. Last Supper was the first celebration of the Eucharist.

 - re-tell the Pentecost story.  follow-up with a role activity (children in role).  Make a large wind/flame. Decorate the outside with the apostles feelings before the Holy Spirit visited andinside with apostles feelings after the visit from the Holy Spirit.  Hymn - Spirit is in my heart.

 - Holy Spirit meditation (see resource below) Activity of writing their own prayer to the Holy Spirit.

 - Focus on explanation of Holy Trinity.  Use 3 small candles, put together to create one flame.  Class prayer and service to complete.

Guided Mediatation for children (Pg 58)

Assessment Ideas: 1
Write:    Re-tell a Bible passage.
             Write about the Last Supper including facts, Passover, main events.
             Write a prayer to  the Holy Spirit.    
Say:      Talk in my group how to traet the Bible with respect and care.
             I can name the Bible as 'The Holy Book', The Good News', 'The Word of God' etc.
             I can explain that the Holy Trinty is 3 parts of one whole.
Make:    make a large flame and wind include the feelings of the Apostles before and 
             after the visit from the Holy Spirit.
Do:        Children will dress the priest correctly.
              Sing praise to the Lord.
              Re-enact the Last Supper.

Assessment Ideas: 2
Write:      Write about the liturgical year and write/choose three of them.
               Write a prayer for the Holy Spirit asking for strength and courage in their lives.   
Say:        Can they say the meanings of the liturgical colours.
               Sing a Hymn "Alleluia".
               Reflection/prayer time - Why do we make the Sign of the Cross? Link to Baptism.
Make:      Can the children make the Stations of the Cross?
               Art - Make a collage of the symbols of the Holy Spirit using different materials.
Do:          Dress the altar as a class.
               Passover meal - set the table, prepare. 

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