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P1 - Advent

These exemplar narratives follow the core learning chosen by St Andrew's cluster group/working group and contained in the diocesan planning exemplars:
P1 Advent short version (click to open)
P1 Advent long version (click to open)

Crib from USA, Assisi exhibition

Exemplar narrative 1:

St John Ogilvie cluster group

Week 1:

(ties in with Education for Love - preparing for a baby coming)

- Alive-O song "I'm waiting" - discuss how they feel when they are waiting for something - e.g. a birthday or a party

- Explain that Advent is the time when we wait and prepare for the birth of Jesus

- Advent calendar:  make large with squares of paper - laminated baby Jesus, each child moves baby each day, and explains what their own good deed is.

- Sing Advent song each day

- Good deed box and tree - begin to add as Jesus' present

- Crib/ Nativity scene put on class altar (minus baby Jesus)

Week 2:

Ask children to bring in their own bibles/story books with Christmas story and read different versions and online versions (e.g. CBeebies/Top Marks)

- Keep Christ in Christmas art competition

- Natvity play - to explain the role of each character in the Christmas story

-  Alive-O song "Carol of the Journey"

- Eikon Bible Art for Powerpoints of bible stories)

(Continue Advent promises/calendar)

Week 3:

- Prayer service - thanking God for the gift of His Son

- Children visit the church or go to Mass on last day to place the Advent Good Deed Box at crib to thank God for His gift

Assesment ideas:
Write:  Children to write good deed
            Make Christmas cards
            Write Christmas prayer
Say:    Class discussion on waiting for event
            Sing Advent songs/hymns
Make:  Advent calendar - make and laminate squares
            Make baby Jesus
            Make decision on how/when to do good deeds
            Art competition: Keep Christ in Christmas
Do:      Move/open Advent calendar
            Children to bring own bibles from home
            Nativity - explain each character's role in the story
            Take part in play

Crib figures, St John's Uddingston

Exemplar narrative 2:

St Margaret's cluster meeting P1 group

Advent wreath – significance of 4 candles – countdown to Jesus’ birth.  Advent promise tree

Communication for All interactive Advent calendar (from Jam Advent CD or at

Story of the Nativity – learning through doing (songs and script)

Link to the children’s own family life – all families are different.  Where were they born? (bring in photos – ‘My arrival’ personal presentation)

The arrival of something special (waiting for a birthday present etc.  How did this feel?)

Going to Mass, prayer service, carol concert, nativity play

Assessment Ideas: 1
Write:    4/5 Key Words - Joy, Peace, Love Hope, Jesus.
Say:       Discsussion of the meanings of the key words.
              Discuss the different colour of candles.    
Make:    Make an Advent Wreath out of a handprint.
              Colour the fingers as candles; nails as flames.    
Do:         Have a real wreath and light the candles after every Sunday.
               Act out the Nativity.

Assessment Ideas: 2
    Write about time said 'Yes' to help someone.
               Beginning/Middle/End of Christmas story. 
Say:        Prayer/Circle time.
               Glory be.
               Hail Mary.
Make:     Mary's Meal Packs.
               Food parcels for Charities.
               Advent wreath.
               Birthday cards (Jesus)
Do:         Sequence events of Christmas story in correct order.
               Nativity show.

Crib figures, St John's Uddingston

Exemplar narrative 3:

OLHS Cluster

- To reflect on the visit to Mary from the Angel, our Advent theme will begin with a visit from the Angel to the children. (Large sized Angel in classroom holding a scroll with a message to the children)

- Angel sent a message of a special birthday, discuss who the person may be.

- Angel brought a present (advent wreath - significance of candles discussed with children i.e. colour).

- Through weekly class prayer service the children became aware that they were 
   preparing for something special.

Write - Children wrote a response to the letter from the Advent angel saying how they would
            prepare for Advent
         - Advent prayer on angel's wings
         - Wrote a recount of the Nativity story.

Say - Shared Advent prayer with their classmates
       - Performance of Nativity Play
       - Daily reflection using Advent Wreath/Calender.

Make - Children made boxes of love
          - Using children's handprints made Advent wreath
          - Children made corwns for the Kings.

Do - Performed in the Nativity Play
      - Quiet reflection when children say own Advent prayer.

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