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P1 - Values

These exemplar narratives follow the core learning chosen by St Andrew's cluster group/working group and contained in the diocesan planning exemplars:
P1 Values short version (click to open)
P1 Values long version (click to open)


Hand print dove, St Bride's, Bothwell

Exemplar narrative 1:

Trinity learning community meeting P1 group

- Introduce values of being kind to others through the telling of fairy stories e.g. the Ugly Duckling, Elmer, Dumbo

- children identify the Christian values within the story

- discuss differences which make us special

-  embrace diversity in our cultures and discuss our individuality and uniqueness

- children create finger print paintings and investigate how each finger print is different

- introduce the story of the new boy/girl who will be joining their class

- discuss what they can do to make this person feel welcome

- create a kindness chant which the children manage and vote for

- children role play a bullying situation and examine their feelings

- tell bible stories which relate to these values e.g. Zacchaeus, the Good Samaritan, the Lost Sheep

- Hymn: We are the greatest (Alive-O)

Values open door, P1 St Ignatius', Wishaw
Our Friendship Fish, St Hilary's, East Kilbride

Exemplar narrative:2

Cardinal Newman Cluster

- RERC 0-21a - 'Growing Pains' stories
                - 'Golden Rules' stories
                - PATHS programme /circle time
                - Social stories - The Good Shepherd
                 - Noah's Ark
                 - The Box of Feelings

-RERC 0-21a - set a 'Daily Challenge'
                        e.g. Share a toy today - if successful give a certificate. Give a 
                                                             challenge to take home.
                                                          - Draw pictures of people sharing/ caring. Also act 
                                                             out scenarios.
                                                          - Compliments list
                                                          - Education for Love - 'Families'

-RERC 0-21a - Reflection/prayer sessions -meditation

Write: - Picture - Golden Rule match activity
          - I feel sad when...
          - What the value means
          - A time they showed a value

Say: - To say and explain what the Golden Rule is
        - I feel happy when...
        - Circle time - Sharing a time when shown friendship, caring and love

Make - PATHS - Make a feelings book - Facial expressions
          - Friendship bracelets
          - Friendship chart/display

Do - To follow the Golden Rules within the class/school
     - Child makes facial expression of a feeling
     - Good shepherd - Follow the leader - Do a kind act to a friend, then next child etc.
     - Observation of the children demonstrating values (golden rules)
     - Daily challenge
     - Act out scenarios.

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