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P1 - I am Unique

These exemplar narratives follow the core learning chosen by St Andrew's cluster group/working group and contained in the diocesan planning exemplars:
P1 I am Unique short version (click to open)
P1 I am Unique long version (click to open)


We are Unique, We are Special display, P1 Sacred heart, Bellshill

P1, Sacred Heart, Bellshill

Week 1:

  • Individual and class photo taken and displayed 

  • Circle time sessions- name, age, appearance

  • Draw a self portrait

  • ‘I look in the mirror’ Alive O song (p.147)

  • Graph for hair colour and eye colour

Week 2: 

  • Give out laminated names- overwrite and underwrite every day 

  • Introduce feelings tree (wall display: tree/pieces of fruit with words on them i.e. happy, sad,   sleepy, angry etc. Add/discuss one word each week)

  • Give out feelings fans- use every day (similar to number fan; each piece of card has an emotion   picture and word i.e. smiling face/’happy’, sad face/ ‘sad’, sleepy face/ ‘sleepy, angry face/              ‘angry’ etc. Take out each morning and tell shoulder partner “I feel happy (show correct picture on feelings fan) because…”) 

  • Circle time- my special friend

  • Show and tell- picture of my special friend 

  • ‘Getting to know you’ Alive O song (p.9)

Week 3:

  • Cooperative learning tasks for 5 senses (1 task per day)

  • Jotter tasks about 5 senses 

Week 4:

  • Introduce PATHS

  • Circle time- my talent

  • ‘The Boy Jesus in the Temple’ (Luke 2 v41-52) and the call of David (1 Samuel 16:4‐13, especially v7)

  • Jotter task about Bible stories

Week 5:

  • Circle time- who is in my family 

  • Draw a picture of my family 

  • Discussion- how to say thank you 

  • Write thank you letter to family

  • Trip to post box to send letter to family

Week 6:

  • Recap learning

  • Individual presentation: name, age, talent

  • Room 1 has talent concert 


  • Daily prayers

  • Hymn practices

  • First Friday mass 

  • Reminders that talents, senses, family etc are a gift from God and show God’s love for me.


My name is, I am Unique display, P1 Sacred Heart, Bellshill

We are part of God's family display, P1 Sacred Heart, Bellshill

Our Talents, P1 OLGA Cathedral Primary, Motherwell

We are Unique, We are Special display, P1 Sacred Heart, Bellshill

In the Image of God, St Bridgid's Newmains

Exemplar narrative 2:

St Aidan's Cluster Meeting P1 group 

  • Talent box: circle time discussion about talents and talents that they could be good at.  Write in jotters "I thank God that I am good at..."  HW task-create talent box with their talents and present to class.

  • Using magazines and brochures to create a collage of things that they like.

  • Outside achievements and medals.

  • Circle time discussing how they are unique, how they look, talents etc.

  • Class frieze - children draw/paint self portarits and attach bubbles with "I am good at..."

  • Class garden: Children  design flowers showing how all are different and all are unique.

  • Fingerprints - how no two people have the same fingerprint.

  • Heart with the words "God loves me because..."  which the children discuss and complete.

  • Write about how they can show love.

  • 'Special Tree': each child completes an individual leaf with the info saying " I can show love by...".  Children get to complete the leaf and attach to the bare tree.  Each day a different leaf is selected and that is the class focus for the day.  The tree is unique to the class.

  •  Handprint angels: Childrens handprints are used as the halo for their picture.  

(Editor note:  some engagement with the passage about the call of David would be essential here, as per core learning)

Write - List of talents
          - Acrostic poem.

Say - Describe/identify own and other's talents
       - Present outside hobby/interest to class
       - Describe/identify similarities/differences between themselves and others.

Make - Talent cube (4 sides show existing talents 1 developing)
          - Collage showing things they like.

Do - Perform various talents
      - Sort pictures into like/dislike.

We are all special, St Timothy's Coatbridge

Exemplar narrative 3:

Our Lady and St Joseph’s, Glenboig/St Bernard’s, Coatbridge:

Teacher leads children in a discussion about themselves.  With support children prepare a short introduction about themselves.  Children learn the rhyme – Getting to know you (Alive 0 Page 9) Pupils have the opportunity to present this information to the rest of the class i.e. name, age, family, likes, dislikes, hobbies, talents etc.  Teacher leads children to understand that we are all different and unique and how God made us just the way we are.  Children are introduced to the song – I have a name (Alive 0 Page 14) This would lead children to appreciate the similarities and differences between themselves and others.  This could be reinforced through maths activities such as graphs of eye colour, hair colour, etc.  Grouping children into sets of boys/girls/blue eyes/blonde hair etc. Children have the opportunity to look at their own face in a mirror and work with partner/group noting similarities and differences in features. Children are introduced to the song - I look in the mirror (Alive 0 Page 147) Teacher leads children to an understanding and appreciation that although we are different in appearance, personality and preferences from others, we are all equal and
loved in God’s eyes. (RERC 0-02a)

From here teacher would lead to a discussion about - Our Senses. Children learn about the five senses through various activities including, smelling, touching - feely bags, tasting activities, identifying sounds etc. This leads to discussion about personal preferences such as foods, drinks, smells etc. Teacher leads children to an understanding and appreciation that our bodies are a gift from God and that we use our five senses to worship God. (RERC 0-02a) Children are introduced to the songs - I am special (Alive 0 Page 76) and If I were a Butterfly.  

This will develop into an appreciation of our gifts and talents (PATHS/Circle Time) Children are encouraged to share their own and each other’s talents through discussion and action.(Not only recognising talents such as football, running, dancing etc but encouraging children to recognise gifts such as kindness, being a good friend, helping others etc.)  Children are introduced to the song and actions - The Friendly Game (Alive 0 Page 162)  Through bible stories lead the children to appreciate how Jesus was born as a baby just as they were and how he grew up into a boy with gifts and talents just like them.(i.e. learning from Joseph by working with him) Read the story of - The Boy Jesus in the Temple (Luke 2 v41-52)

Introduce children to the story of the call of David ( 1 Samuel 16:4-13, especially v7) Lead children to an understanding that God sees the goodness in young David and calls everyone big and small, young and old to follow him.  This theme could lead onto a prayer service and celebration for parents and families where children have the opportunity to showcase their talents and what they have learned since starting school, whilst thanking God for their unique gifts and talents which show his great love for them. Prayer service could include the story of David; children’s own prayers of praise and worship for their uniqueness and gifts and talents; psalms of praise and worship, and also a display of their individual and collective gifts and talents.

Hymns/music used

800 If I were a Butterfly

Alive 0 - I am Special (Page 76)

Alive 0 - I Have a Name (Page 14)

Alive 0 - I Look in the Mirror (Page 147)

Bible Stories used

The Call of David ( 1 Samuel 16:4-13, especially v7)

The Boy Jesus in the Temple (Luke 2 v41-52)

Other resources used

Catherine MacKenzie, God gave me feelings, also God gave me Taste, God gave me Smell.

Our Talents, St Dominic's Airdrie

Exemplar narrative 4:

St. Ambrose cluster:

Suggested links and activities:

  • Link to Paths Programme - Health and Wellbeing

  • My Special Day - each child has a special day during the year - all other pupils write a comment about that child.

  • The Smarts Programme

  • Link to All about me/ Ourselves topic -senses

  • Talent show/week

  • Alive-O- Celebrating Me (Lesson 5, Term 2)

  • Story of The Ugly Duckling

  • Education for Love  - Being Special, understanding about myself and others.

(Editor note:  some engagement with the passage about the call of David would be essential here, as per core learning)

I am Unique cortoon display, P1 and P1/2, St Gerard's Bellshill

'In the Image of God', St Bridgid's, Newmains

I am Unique cartoons, St Gerard's, Bellshill

God made us, We are Unique, P1/2 St Gerard's Bellshill

Exemplar narrative 5:

St. Mary's, Caldercruix

Mirror task with partner - look for similarities/differences - find that both lists aren't the same 

  • leads to uniqueness of each other.

  • all special to God

  • all special to our parents/teachers etc.

Use Alive-O songs - I am Special, I have a name, I look in the Mirror
                 - stories - The Runaway nose

Our Topic - Me and My Senses will relate to lots of this.
                    - Five Senses, feelings and emotions

Talents - discussion about what this means

Stories from the Bible -( 1 Samuel 16:; 4-13 esp v.7)

The Children can all tell that they are special and unique. The mirror activity was very successful and informative for the children and was referred to often during discussion.

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