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P6 - Lent

These exemplar narratives follow the core learning chosen by the Holy Cross cluster group/working group and contained in the diocesan planning exemplars:
P6 Mary short version (click to open)
P6 Mary long version (click to open)

Exemplar narrative 1:  St Patrick's, Strathaven


- set up an altar for Our Lady in class as a  focus for prayer/meditation
- Memorare (learn and display)
- Learn about each decade of the rosary, rosary beads and the importance of Our Lady
- Recite decade of the rosary daily
- Locate passages of the Bible that refer to Mary and the importyance of her as a mother.

Art and design:
- Children learn about the image of Our Lady, the artistic history behind religious imagery and the use of the colour blue in Western art
- Make rosary beads for display

- Research history of Lourdes/Fatima
- Write a diary entry from St Bernadette, her friend or a family member.  Share with the class to show the different perspectives and the importance of faith.

Exemplar narrative 2:

John Ogilvie cluster group

- whole school recite decade of rosary during May and October

- lunchtime rosary club during May and October

- learn about each decade of the rosary - create own prayers and artwork
- make class rosary beads

- learn about Mary's titles - word search 

- marriage feast at Cana - drama

- Lourdes and Fatima - research, presentation, art work, mapping work

(Editor note: also know and reflect on the Memorare, as per core learning)

Write:    Recount mystery of Rosary
              Recall Marriage Feast at Cana
Say:       Say Rosary
Make:    Make Rosary beads
Do:        Find Fatima/Lourdes on map (could use Google Earth)                            

Exemplar narrative 3:

St Andrew's and St Bride's cluster meeting group

(Working group note: suggested date October)

Suggested activities:

- Arrange a school Mass for the end of the week and include prayers through the intercession of Mary

- Whole-school rosary every morning

- Power Point on Lourdes.  HCPT - The Pilgrimage Trust video and/or speaker

- Dramatise Wedding Feast at Cana based on biblical scripture

- Children write their own prayer to Mary and recite in class

- Teach the hymn "Hail Mary"

Assesssment Ideas:
Write:    Newspaper report on Wedding Feast at Cana.
              Diary entry as Mary writing about her Faith/Being closer to God.
Say:       Meditation (Christian)
              Recite composed prayer.
              Advert persuading people to visit chosen pilgramage.
              Hail Mary (French/Spanish)
Make:    Paper mache Rosary beads.
              Creating image of Our Blessed Lady with clay.
Do:        Accurate interpretation of dramatised "Wedding Feast at Cana".
              Role-play - Apparations of Our Blessed Lady - children in role play.                

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