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P6 - Advent

These exemplar narratives follow the core learning chosen by the Holy Cross cluster group/working group and contained in the diocesan planning exemplars:
P6 Advent short version (click to open)
P6 Advent long version (click to open)


Exemplar narrative 1:

St Andrew's cluster meeting P6 group

(RERC 2-17a):
- Use the liturgical calendar to teach the seasons and website for vestments
- parish priest visit 

(RERC 2-06b):
- Bible search - find, read and discuss scripture passages from core learning (Matthew 6: 16-18 and 16: 1-4)

(RERC 2-18a):
- Co-op lesson - choose one person from Jesus' family tree - build the Jesse tree

(RERC 2-05a and RERC 2-14a):
- Examination of conscience from 

Assessment Ideas: 1
Write:    Explain and comment on photographs of priests visit.  Recount.
              What is the message Jesus is trying to tell us in Bible passages.
Say:       Discussion in co-op groups. What is meaning/message of passage.
              Can you think how this relates to own life today.
Make:    Display of priests vestments in co-op groups with accurate description 
              of colours.
              Mkae a Jesse tree with a personal prayer/intention to a person in Jesus' family.
Do:        Taking photographs of priests vestments.
              Act of Contrition.
              Confession with priest.

Assessment Ideas: 2
Write:    Fasting - compare to Jesus in the desert. (RERC 2-06b)
              daily writing - undestanding of 'sorry'.  Is it an emotion or a feeling? 
              (RERC 2-14a)
Say:       Discuss symbols. (RERC 2-18a)
              Discuss Matthew 3, 1-12. (RERC 2-05a)
              Present powerpoint - John the Baptist. (RERC 2-05a)
              Reconciliation - PATHS review (RERC 2-14a)
Make:    Advent promise scrolls (RERC 2-06b)
              Reading for information, make and present powerpoint. (RERC 2-05a)
Do:        Vestments - Dress priest website (RERC 2-17a)
              Bible search (RERC 2-05a)

Exemplar narrative 2

Throughout December, Primary 6 explored the season of Advent as a special time of preparation for Jesus' birth, during which we endeavour to free ourselves from sin as well as practice almsgiving.  The children investigated the signs and symbols of Advent and how these developed through time.  The children were encouraged to attend Mass everyt week and attend Confession. where they would seek repentance for their sins as John the Baptist taught us.  The children investigated some online sources to bring the symbols to life and developped an understanding of the Advent wreath and its significance.

Advent display, St Michael's, Moodiesburn

Advent prayers display, St Michael's, Moodiesburn

Advent scriptural phrases display, St Michael's, Moodiesburn

Advent display, St Michael's, Moodiesburn

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