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P4 - Other World Religions

Exemplar narrative 1:

Cardinal Newman Cluster meeting P6 group

-Use Gogglebox and "natural" resources.

-Link to similarities in Christianity/Judaism


-Ramadan - Fasting (links to Christianity)

-special meals/festivals (perhaps parents)


-Almsgiving (no interest on bank accounts)

-Ritualism in prayer (links)

-Symbolism of washing etc (links to Baptism)

-Covering of head


-5 daily prayer times, Mecca (links)

-Make prayer mats, prayer beads


-Religious artefacts - respect/reverence

-Mosque/Church (visit or online resources)

-Prophets; Mohammed (Jesus considered a prophet)

(Editor note: these good activities should, nonetheless, avoid religious synchretism, which seeks to see all religions as 'the same'.  Allowing Islam to retain its own distinciveness rather than comparing every element with Christianity might give a more respectful picture of both religions)

Write - Recount of a visit to Mosque
         - A research project about Mecca and its relevance to pilgrims
         - Label and write about artefacts, signs and symbols from another religon.
         - Write questions to test your partner's knowledge.

Say - Give a presentation about a given theme (Artefacts/prayer)
       - Recall the 5 pillars of Islam
       - Talk about/discuss their faith and beliefs and compare to these of other world religions
       - Discuss the practices and daily routines of other world religions and compare to Christian 
      - Feedback to others from own research.

Make - Prayer Mat and Prayer Beads
          - Make/design a prayer mat (or other artefact)
          - Create a fact file giving information about another relgion
          - Wall display in class.

Do - Plan/deliver menu for special meal (Festival)
     - Use interactive games and resources from Gogglebox
     - Look at/handle/examine artefacts from other religions
     - Carry out research using I.C.T/books
     - Listen video clips and/or guest speaker and take notes
     - Experience a visit to a Mosque.

These exemplar narratives follow the core learning chosen by the Holy Cross cluster group/working group and contained in the diocesan planning exemplars:
P6 OWR short version (click to open)
P6 OWR long version (click to open)

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