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P2 - Community of Faith

These exemplar narratives follow the core learning chosen by St Aidan's cluster group/working group and contained in the diocesan planning exemplars:
P2 Community of faith short version (click to open)
P2 Community of faith long version (click to open)

Church tour, St Bernadette's, Motherwell

Exemplar narrative 1:

St Bernadette’s, Motherwell:

1.     The children will plan their own learning by making a collective Church floor book.

2.     Visit the church. Photographs taken. Fr. Stephen (parish priest) to give a tour of the Church and answer questions.

3.     Liturgical bingo will help the children learn the name of significant areas and spiritual items.

4.     Liturgical Go-Fish

5.     Wall display to include labeled Church building, children’s drawings of the priest and significant spiritual items. PUPILS’ OWN WORK

6.     Colours of the vestments to be displayed. 

7.     Children given the opportunity to dress in the colours and describe what they mean.

8.     Role play parts of the Mass.

9.     Build on previous work on the 10 commandments to discuss appropriate behaviour in Church.

10.   Access the Church and Diocesan websites and share facts and info in cooperative groups.

11.    Approach Fr. Stephen (parish priest) to ask for an area in the Church where children’s investigations and work might be displayed to strengthen bond between church and school.

Bibles on class altar, St Bride's Bothwell

Exemplar narrative 2:

Coatbridge Cluster Meeting  - Primary 2 Group

 - RERC1 08a – Invite speakers from the communitye.g. Parish Priest, Health Visitor, Active Sports Co-ordinator, Community Co-ordinator.  Children conduct a surveyat home, in school through questionnaire - tick sheet.

 - RERC1 - 24a - See Spider Diagram attached.

 - RERC1 24a - Video Alive 02 - The Church:  visit the Church and meet Parish Priest for a "tour" and talk.  Show pupils Vestments and talk about his job.  Certificate signed as a memory of remembrance of their day.

 - RERC1 24a - helping others through charity activities,  Discuss celebrating Mass as a Parish Community on Sunday.

 - RERC1 23a - Learning prayer and Mass responses.  Having a religious focal point in class.

 - RERC1 17a - Linked to 1 24a above.  Talk about Tabernacle, Altar, Holy Water font...  Label a diagram in class afterwards.

 - RERC1 18a - Change the vestments and liturgical colours on a virtual priest at  Change colour on religious focal point to suit liturgical season and discuss why (Simplify for P2 level) 

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