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P2 - Advent

These exemplar narratives follow the core learning chosen by St Aidan's cluster group/working group and contained in the diocesan planning exemplars:
P2 Advent short version (click to open)
P2 Advent long version (click to open)


Crib figures, St John the Baptist, Uddingston

Exemplar narrative 1:

St Aidan's cluster working group

Planned activities: 

- Introduce and make a class Advent wreath describing the colours of the candles and of the Liturgical seasons.

- Participate in a weekly candle lighting service.

- Prepare and introduce the class Advent calendar.

- Explore the Advent theme through retelling the story of the Annunciation from Luke 1 26-28., discuss how Mary may have felt at the news, and describe the role of the Holy Spirit in helping Mary to say yes

- Teach the “Mary” song from Alive O 2 (Pg 132)

- Compose a class prayer thanking God for the Holy Spirit who makes us strong.

- Display and reflect on the words of the Hail Mary prayer in the context of the Annunciation.

- Pray together the first decade of the Joyful Mystery – The Annunciation.

- Retell Mary and Joseph’s journey to Bethlehem and discuss their preparations for the new baby.

- Involve the children in creating a crib scene within the class.

- Retell the story of the Shepherds and Angels (Luke 2:8-20)

- Teach the words and tune of the Gloria.

- Participate in a class/school nativity play.

Resources used:

-          The Lion Illustrated Bible for Children. Pgs 152-159

-          Bible Alive Publishing – Walk With me Advent Calendar

-          Kevin Mayhew, No Pianist for Assembly (CD 2 No 14 Gloria)

-          Alive O Term 1 Lessons 13-15

Crib figures, St John the Baptist, Uddingston

Exemplar narrative 2:

Taylor High cluster

Some suggested activities:

- Purple cloth on altar in class, discuss why we were changing 
   colour. Link to the priest wearing purple and changes in church. 

- Make an Advent wreath, discuss significance of circle, berries and colours of candles. 
   Whole school, class assemblies.

- Have the children write a prayer and put it in Jesus crib.

- Put Mary in the crib and talk about Mary and the significance of her being our Mother.

- Talk about Jesus going to the temple and waiting. Link to own experiences.

- Do the children know about Jewish festivals ? Talk about Hannukah.

- Talk about and participate in nativity, sequencing task relating to story.

- Learn the Gloria.

- Teach the Hail Mary.

- Talk about their mums and their roles.

-Learn carols, hymns.

- Advent calendar, thoughts for the day.

- Day by day advent.

- Fill in their own advent calendar, follow activity for the day.

- Making hampers, thinking about those less fortunate.

Write - Sequencing task
         - Motto of the day for Advent
         - Write a prayer.

Say - Talk about "Purple" cloth and vestments
       - Gloria and Hail Mary
       - Thoughts for Advent
       - Significance of Mary and Jesus
       - Hymns and Carols.

Make - A wreath
         - Hampers
         - Own advent calender.

Do - Class/School assembly.

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