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P2 - New Birth

These exemplar narratives follow the core learning chosen by St Aidan's cluster group/working group and contained in the diocesan planning exemplars:
P2 My Uniqueness short version (click to open)
P2 My Uniqueness long version (click to open)

Our talents, St Dominic's Airdrie

Exemplar narrative 1:

John Ogilvie cluster group

Read psalm 139 and psalm 8

Activity: what has God created for us?  Sing hymn related to creation (Editor note:  He's got the whole world; If I were a butterfly; All the nations of the earth etc?)

Introduce gifts, and talk about gifts they know e.g. for birthdays, Christmas; now talk about God's gifts to them

Art activity/collaborative learning groups:
- make a gift (box, ribbon etc)
- children to write their own gifts on the gift box
- pass on to 2/3 others in collaborative group who write a gifts/talent that each other has

Talk about people who help them - in school, in class/playground; - at home; - clubs; - community

Prayer activity
- discussion on what do we do when we pray?

Art activity
- draw a picture of themselves with their gift or talent
- bring in a picture of someone special - 'show and tell' why this person is special

(Editor note: perhaps this theme could be complemented by looking at the scripture pasages outlined in core learning about Jesus' love for children)

We are all special, St Timothy's Coatbridge

Exemplar narrative 2:

St Margaret's cluster meeting P2 group

Suggested activities:

Introduce with ‘Hot Water Bottle Prayer’ from Ed Hone/Roisin CollAll Together: Creative Prayer with Children to show God’s love for each of us

Use ‘mirror prayer’ from Ed Hone/Roisin Coll All Together: Creative Prayer with Children to highlight children’s goodness 

Circle time – discussion of talents

Maths – information handling (talents, colour of eyes etc)

Art – self portrait

Music/drama – showcase of talents.  ‘All about Me’.

Alive-O ‘We are the Greatest’ song

Cultures around the world – differences, partnership with schools, global citizenship.

Literacy – adjectives

Bible stories – creation

(Editor note: These activities could be completed with some more engagement with scripture e.g. a psalm and Jesus’ love for children, as per core learning)

Hearts: fellow pupils write a good quality on a person's heart; John Paul Primary, Viewpark

We are God's Work of Art display (from the HCPT Lourdes theme for 2012), St Gerard's Bellshill

'In the Image of God', St Bridgid's, Newmains

Jesus, teacher and healer, P2 St Gerard's Bellshill

Jesus, teacher and healer, P2 St Gerard's Bellshill

We are Unique door display, P2 St Gerard's Bellshill

'In the Image of God', St Bridgid's, Newmains

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