P2 - New Birth

These exemplar narratives follow the core learning chosen by St Aidan's cluster group/working group and contained in the diocesan planning exemplars:
P2 My Uniqueness short version (click to open)
P2 My Uniqueness long version (click to open)

Our talents, St Dominic's Airdrie

Exemplar narrative 1:

John Ogilvie cluster group

Read psalm 139 and psalm 8

Activity: what has God created for us?  Sing hymn related to creation (Editor note:  He's got the whole world; If I were a butterfly; All the nations of the earth etc?)

Introduce gifts, and talk about gifts they know e.g. for birthdays, Christmas; now talk about God's gifts to them

Art activity/collaborative learning groups:
- make a gift (box, ribbon etc)
- children to write their own gifts on the gift box
- pass on to 2/3 others in collaborative group who write a gifts/talent that each other has

Talk about people who help them - in school, in class/playground; - at home; - clubs; - community

Prayer activity
- discussion on what do we do when we pray?

Art activity
- draw a picture of themselves with their gift or talent
- bring in a picture of someone special - 'show and tell' why this person is special

(Editor note: perhaps this theme could be complemented by looking at the scripture pasages outlined in core learning about Jesus' love for children)

We are all special, St Timothy's Coatbridge

Exemplar narrative 2:

St Margaret's cluster meeting P2 group

Suggested activities:

Introduce with ‘Hot Water Bottle Prayer’ from Ed Hone/Roisin CollAll Together: Creative Prayer with Children to show God’s love for each of us

Use ‘mirror prayer’ from Ed Hone/Roisin Coll All Together: Creative Prayer with Children to highlight children’s goodness 

Circle time – discussion of talents

Maths – information handling (talents, colour of eyes etc)

Art – self portrait

Music/drama – showcase of talents.  ‘All about Me’.

Alive-O ‘We are the Greatest’ song

Cultures around the world – differences, partnership with schools, global citizenship.

Literacy – adjectives

Bible stories – creation

(Editor note: These activities could be completed with some more engagement with scripture e.g. a psalm and Jesus’ love for children, as per core learning)

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