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P5 - Beginning of the School Year

These exemplar narratives follow the core learning chosen by the Trinity and the St Ambrose cluster group/working group and contained in the diocesan planning exemplars:
P5 Beginning of the Year short version (click to open)
P5 Beginning of the Year long version (click to open)


Exemplar narrative 1:

Northern Cluster working group:

- Set up class altar:
    - Setting Bible on stand - higlight two parts  (Old and New Testaments)
    - Liturical wheel/calendar vestments

- Research test - local parish and linked to organisations.  Make a booklet.

- Visit to church.  Meet representatives from different lay organisations outlined in core learning

- Research the patron saint of the school

- Personal/ resolution prayer

- Establish class rules

-  Establishing a respectful prayer time

- Relevant music used

(Editor note: as they set up class bible, pupils could go beyond looking simply at Old and New Testaments, and consider the letters/epistles in a simple way, as per core learning.  Also consider which images/icons/statues will be placed on the class altar and why, as per core learning.)

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