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P5 - Calling: Old Testament

These exemplar narratives follow the core learning chosen by the Trinity and the St Ambrose cluster group/working group and contained in the diocesan planning exemplars:
P5 Calling and Response: Old Testament short version (click to open)
P5 Calling and Response: Old Testament long version (click to open)


Click to listen to a podcast, aimed at teachers, about Journey motifs in the Old Testament, especially Abraham

Exemplar narrative 1:

OLHS Cluster

Some suggested activities:

- Intro - Audio visual of Abraham (OT) family info. Timeline BC/AD

- Children's version of OT (pictures, preps)

- Drama - hot seat/ Bible story cut into sections - act out scene.

- Lang - Acrostic Poem

- ICT -Newspaper/website report (modern setting)

- Art - Artistic work from that period.

(Editor note: the working group ran out of time, and a few more approaches to core learning would be needed to complete the theme)

Write - Note taking while listening to OT story (notes to be used in other activites).

Say - Drama; To adopt the role of different characters from Bible story.
       - Presenting their learning through personal talks.

Make - Videoclips from play dough models "Sam Animation"
          - Sequencing on timelines.

Do - Reading scriptures
     - ICT; design newspaper report/template
     - Reflect/Pray/Meditation.

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