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P5 - Calling: Disciples of Jesus

These exemplar narratives follow the core learning chosen by the Trinity and the St Ambrose cluster group/working group and contained in the diocesan planning exemplars:
P5 Calling: Disciples of Jesus short version (click to open)
P5 Calling: Disciples of Jesus long version (click to open)


Click to hear a podcast, aimed at teachers, about Mission in the Church

Exemplar narrative 2:

St. Aidan's Cluster meeting P5  group

- Gospel Readings - Bible to locate Mark's readings - Mark's references (research)

- Groups to illustrate message (Art)

- Short summary/report back (possible Co-op learning).

- Good role models of faith (Homework challenge, personal research). Alive-O has examples of this.

- Assign each class group a saint (Homework - feedback to others)

-Photoframe/powerpoint (St. Bernadatte etc).

-Visitors from various charities etc (SVDP, SCIAF ), also Priests/Nuns.

-Lenten charities/missionaries. Let the Children live.

(Editor note: this very good group of activities could perhaps be compemented by a little more research about religious life, some witness of married life, and some discussion of how the example of others challenges us to reflect on our own calling)


- Report writing about chosen researched Saint
- Storyboard of the Saint's life
- Recount the story of their life.


- Present their findings in class, answer questions (Saints)
- Small group presentation on a personal role model (model of faith).


- Create a power point about their chosen saint
- Art and design; design a photo frame
- Posters for the charities
- Create a bok of Saints
- Create your own stain glass window of your chosen saint.

- Research religious life (orders, priestly life, background to charity)
- Interview members of charity, etc as above
- Research local groups in parish.

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