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These exemplar narratives follow the core learning chosen by the Taylor and Northern cluster groups/working groups and contained in the diocesan planning exemplars:
P3 Eastertide short version (click to open)
P3 Eastertide long version (click to open)

P3 - Eastertide

Liturgical calendar and wheels, St Bernadette's Motherwell

Exemplar narrative 1

Northern cluster working group

1. Discuss colours of priest's vestments before First Friday Mass.  Invite parish priest into the class to show children and allow children to try on vestments.  Change colour of altar/display frieze colour (focus in class)

2.  Use bibles to find story of Joseph of Arimathea.  Act out story/scene where women find empty tomb.  Storyboard.  (RERC 1-07a)

3.  Lesson about angels - check children's understanding and develop using artwork and stories. (RERC 1-14a)

4.  Guardian angel hymn and prayer.  How children feel when they feel safe and protected.  Use angel costumes from the Nativity play (RERC 1-14a).  

5.  Use angel prayer from Ed Hone and Roisin Coll, All Together: Creative prayer with Children, Veritas  (see picture).  Children write a prayer on a feather and stick feather on angel's wings saying the prayer "Angel of God, we ask you to take our prayers to God.  We love Him very much and ask Him to look after us."

6.  Discuss children's experience of death and what happens when people die - what happens to the body - sensitively and discreetly (discuss from the Easter Sunday point of view).  Make links to the saints and the angels.

7.  Who is the Holy Spirit?  Refer to the sign of the cross, Holy Trinity, Pentecost - artwork.

Exemplar narrative 2

Coatbridge Cluster Meeting - Primary 3 Group

Liturgical Colours - White - Eastertide

- Prepare class Altar in Eastertide Colour (identifying significant features of the Altar)
- Link to Priests vestments (previous learning - liturgical colours)
- Prayer service.

Gospel Story - (Matthew 28: 1-8)

- Children will portray how the women felt (Inside and Outside) - Draw a picture of a stick body and children write down words/feeling as the women.

Talking/Listening Tasks

 - In pairs/trios children will discussAngels.  Angels as messengers.  Children write their own prayers to Guardian Angel.  Where do they appear?  The Children learn 'Prayer to my Guardian Angel' and 'Hymn to Guardian Angel'.
 - Go over where in New Testament Angels appear.  Children will read the stories - Each group in class will have one story to 'graffiti'.  All groups will 'walk about and talk about' groups Angel story and add any missing elements from the story.

 Eternal Life

 - Remembered from November.  Class wioll pray for relatives who have died.  Children will write names/draw pictures on white feathers (Need to be sensitive) for class display.  "In my Fathers house there are many mansions".

Holy Spirit

 - Guides/Helps/Supports me. - Prayer Service.

Assessment Ideas:
    Re-tell/sequence - Gospel story.
             November lists.
Say:      Prayer service - say prayers.
             Co-op group - Each group tells the significance of the times when angels 
             appear in the Gospels.
             Recite Guardian Angel prayer - Home/school link.
             Participation in discussions - link to literacy - talking/listening. 
Make:    Role on the wall - Draw round child as a group to describe words 
             inside/out of the character
Do:        Decorate altar - white/gold - childrens ideas.
             Website - Dress the Priest - 
             choose correct vestments for Easter  

Bibles on class altar, St Bride's Bothwell
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