P3 - First Reconciliation

New diocesan First Reconciliation materials

Announcing the launch of the new diocesan sacramental materials for the Sacrament of First Reconciliation!  These are the fruit of collaboration among teachers from all over the Diocese of Motherwell along with Fr Stephen Reilly over the past few months.

The teacher materials are available in interactive Prezi format by clicking on this link.  Navigation is intuitive: click on/touch a box to make it bigger, and click outside the box to make it smaller. Alternatively, focus on each box in sequence by pressing the right and left arrows on your keyboard. Click here for a short Powerpoint presentation about how the First Reconciliation Prezi document works.

The same teacher materials are available to download in Powerpoint format by clicking on this link

The same teacher materials are available to download in PDF format by clicking on this link.

New Diocesan Family Workbooks to accompany these teacher materials are available to order by contacting Bill Doran at the Diocesan Centre at williamdoran@rcdom.org.uk , as well as Workbooks for Baptism of children of school age.

A new website for parents, which helps them to complete the workbooks, and gives them further information about the sacraments, is available at www.rcdomparents.org.uk

Click here for a three-part service called Losing Our Way

Many thanks are due to the members of the Baptism/First Reconciliation writing team: Frances Cran, Pamela Gallagher, Claire O’Neill, Maureen Burns, Maureen Hall, Christine Emmett, Joanne Field, Colette McCurry, Adrian Gallagher, Maureen Smith, Laura McGhee, Claire Diamond, Carey Hughes, and Colette Johnston, and to their head teachers for their support. 


The relevant core learning chosen by the Taylor and Northern cluster groups/working groups is contained in the diocesan planning exemplars:
P3 Reconciliation short version (click to open)
P3 Reconciliation long version (click to open)


Here is a novel approach to the parable of the Good Shepherd:

As part of their Reconciliation Preparation Primary Three pupils from St Elizabeth`s Hamilton  telephoned a shepherd come farmer and invited him into school to talk about being a modern day shepherd.The children already very familiar with biblical readings and pictures of The Good Shepherd and had their own preconceived  ideas of what James would look like and say.What a surprise they got when James arrived wearing a Travelling Book Company Uniform and laden with a cardboard box full of very unusual tools and potions.Throughout the discussion it soon became obvious that the care James took of his sheep and lambs from feeding them formulated bottled milk to sewing up any torn bodies was just like the love and care given by the Shepherd in Luke`s Biblical Parable Reading. Like all those thousands of years ago James,  today`s shepherd, works very hard to keep his flock  safe and has even another job to augment and support the farm itself.At the end of the day this class  visit helped the children really appreciate that the Parable of The Good Shepherd , today`s shepherd community  and ultimately the love Jesus have  real,meaningful and powewrful  loving messages for us all.There is currently a 3-D display  model of Ben 10 dressed as a biblical shepherd with the customary tea-towel etc  on display in the P3/4 class, however maybe from now on  he should  be wearing overalls with  a thermos flask of powdered baby-like milk handy ?

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