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P3 - Priest & Parish

Exemplar narrative 1:

Taylor High cluster working group

We began by discussing buildings like schools, houses, hospitals, etc, and how we feel and behave when we are in these buildings. The class then discussed the church; what feelings it evokes and how we act when we are in church. We then looked at specific items in the church (see core learning for items) and identified these items in a photo of the church. Next, we visited our local church and again identified these items within the church. While at the church, we asked our priest about his role in the parish, particularly his pastoral role. We also asked about other groups or individuals who work in the parish. We then looked at the colours of the church and discussed which colour is relevant to which time of the liturgical year. The class were then given a black and white image of a priest on the altar and asked to colour the altar and vestments in the colours of a specific time of the liturgical year.

Write - Identify and label various significanct objects in the Church eg; Altar, etc.

Say - Understand and discuss the role of a) Priest
                                                                       b) Other group within the church eg; St VDP
       - Discuss how we should behave in church and why.

Make - Children contribute to class display of the Liturgical seasons.

Do - Teacher observation of how children behave in Church
      - Children contribute to dressing classroom altar
      - Dress the priest.

Resources used:

-   ‘Home is where the heart is’ worksheet (R.E: Exploring Themes, Folens)

-    Image of church (My First Holy Communion, Deirdre Mary Ascough, Clonmacnois Press 2010) p68-9

- Priest in vestments photos.

Exemplar narrative 2:

St Andrew's cluster meeting P3 group

1) Word 'Pastoral' from latin meaning "Shepherd".  
    - Topmarks website - online story of the Godd Shepherd.
    - Priest acts as role of shepherd with us a the flock.

2) Priests work in Parish.
    - Interview Parish Priest either using flipcams or taking notes to prepare a file.

3) Parish Groups.
    - Invite guest speakers e.g. SVDP, Children's Liturgy.

4) Visit to Church
    - Show Vestments, Holy Water, Paschal candle.
    - Baptism -

 5) Liturgical Colours -

Exemplar narrative 3:

St. Mary's, Caldercruix

Discuss buildings (e.g. hospitals). How do children feel in these buildings? How do children feel when they go to the Church?

What happens during Sunday Mass? - Visit local Church.

Virtual tour of Church - items we see within church (altar, holy water, tabernacle, sanctuary lamp).

Speak to our priest about his role within the Church/community.

Liturgical colours: red, purple, white - what do these colours represent?

Which are these colours seen within the Church?

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