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P3 - Mass

These exemplar narratives follow the core learning chosen by the Taylor and Northern cluster groups/working groups and contained in the diocesan planning exemplars:
P3 Mass short version (click to open)
P3 Mass long version (click to open)


Exemplar narrative 1:

P 3/4, St Elizabeth's, Hamilton

We were looking at The Mass in p3/4 and began by using a weekly Mass Booklet where everyone highlighted religious words/responses  they recognised . During  IT Time this religious vocabulary was typed into a programme called Wordle which resulted in beautiful representations of The Word Of God in a "modern type-text " way. (Wordle is available to all PC`s here in SLC ).

During another time we had a Eucharistic Minister  into class who explained their role using the same religious objects and symbols/signs used during Mass itself .Children were allowed to respectfully handle some of the religious objects to further  appreciate  their worth,significance and sanctity.From here we made altars using cardboard and dressed figures to represent priests, paying attention to colours,the religious items required for a Eucharistic Celebration and again the "solemnity " of such an activity.Suitable background music did add to the relgious ethos needed.Future activities could  focus upon  a "class mass" where the class put into practice their Mass Responses  and knowledge of  Mass Preparation . An ideal ending to such an important part of TIOF

Exemplar narrative 2:

John Ogilvie cluster group

Part 1: Forgiveness:

- Read story of the prodigal son (Luke 15: 11-32), and discuss theme of forgiveness
- Relate to their own lives
- children write a 'sorry message' on note and attach to a balloon
- children let balloon go - symbolising God's forgiveness
- homework task - learn Confiteor

Part two: 2 parts to Mass

- prepare for and celebrate a class Mass where all the children participate
- invite parents
- in class discuss Last Supper (could use paintings)
- teach hymn 'Abba Father'


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