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P3 - November

These exemplar narratives follow the core learning chosen by the Taylor and Northern cluster groups/working groups and contained in the diocesan planning exemplars:
P3 November short version (click to open)
P3 November long version (click to open)


Exemplar narrative 1:

Trinity learning community meeting working group

Lesson 1:  Ask children to close their eyes and imagine a perfect place.  What can you see, hear, smell? (Cross-curricular links - sense poem, artwork)
Explain that this perfect place is called Heaven.  Explain that when you die you live forever with God in Heaven.  This is called eternal life.

Lesson 2:  Teach prayer 'Eternal Rest'.  Children give names of family members who have died.  Children make crosses with family members' names on.

Lesson 3:  Show children parish bulletin with names of deceased members of the parish.  Explain that they are prayed for during Mass by the parish community.

Lesson 4:  Traditions surrounding praying for the dead e.g. lighting candles - refer to Paschal candle and Mass cards.  Ask priest in to discuss the Sacrament of the Sick.

Exemplar narrative: 2

Cardinal Newman Cluster P3 group

-'Garden of remembrance'; persons name in middle of flowers/ book of remembrance etc.

-These can act as a prayer focus for 'eternal rest' prayer once it has been taught.

- Use of poetry to help children with understanding of eternal life.

- Children to write their own poem.

- Links to Armistice day/poppies to enforce the concept of people being 

- Prayer meditation with appropriate music and visual stimulation on 

-Angel hymns/prayers?

-Use Alive-O songs etc as a resource for these types of activities.

Write - Eternal life poem
          - Prayer of Remebrance
          - Write prayer/poem on "Eternal Life"
          - November List
          - Prayer for Holy Souls.

Say - Garden of Remembrance; Discussion of who and why we are remembering.
       - Prayer focus
       - Two minute presentation; Armistice Day
       - Saying "Eternal Life" (S/P)
       - Discussions on "Eternal Life".

Make - Garden of Remembrance; Art focus
          - Garden of Remembrance; Make flowers
          - Book of Remembrance
          - Make poppies.

Do - Organise/participate in selling of poppies
      - Research history/origins of Armistice Day
      - Participate in meditation/hymns/prayers/songs 
      - Learn "Eternal Rest" (S)
      - Observe 2 minute silence for Remembrance day
      - Remembrance Day Assembly
      - First Friday Mass (All Saints/All Souls)
      - Learn appropriate Hymns.        

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