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P3 - Mary

These exemplar narratives follow the core learning chosen by the Taylor and Northern cluster groups/working groups and contained in the diocesan planning exemplars:
P3 Mary short version (click to open)
P3 Mary long version (click to open)


Exemplar narrative 1:

John Ogilvie cluster group

Introduce Mary as Jesus' mum - what is a mum?

Story of the angel Gabriel visiting Mary...she was going to be the mother of a very special child

Read the story of Mary's visit to her cousin Elizabeth

Revise the Hail Mary

Drawings, flowers, cards, statue etc placed on class altar at relevant times of the year.  Associate the months of May and October with Mary

Present their work during a procession to the altar while singing "As I kneel before you/Ave Maria"

Visit the church and identify Mary (photographs...drawings...ICT)

Introduce joyful mysteries of the rosary, teach use of the rosary, and children make a display

Assessment ideas:
Write:    Re-tell story of Mary's visit to her cousin Elizabeth
Say:       Say  Hail Mary
               Different names for Our Lady
               Be able to state that May and October are the special months of Mary
Make:     Make Mothers' Day or special card for mother
                Make card/picture for Mary during May
                Make 'roses' for visual representation of Mary
Do:         Role play Angel Gabriel visits Mary

Exemplar narrative 2:

OLHS Cluster

Some suggested activities:

-Brainstorm - Who is Mary?

- Compare Mary to their own mother. What do mothers do? Showing love for their children.

- Make a card for Mary.

- Story board of the Joyful  Mysteries.

- Role Play - Jesus helping Mary. How can you help your Mum?

- Bring flowers for the Altar.

- Recite Hail Mary

- Decade of the Rosary Monday morning assembly.

-Sing a hymn to Mary.

Write - A list of "chores" done to help mothers
         - Writing a descrption of their mum
         - Sequence Joyful Mysteries.

Say - Recite a decade of the Rosary.

Make - Design and make a Mary card/label for altar display
          - Make a family tree.

Do - Can recall and sing words of hymn
      - Active participation in role play.

Our Lady research, P3 St Monica's

The Third Joyful Mystery, St Mark's Hamilton

Revising traditional prayers, St Bride's Bothwell

Prayer posters, St Bernadette's Motherwell

The Joyful Mysteries, St Mark's Hamilton

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