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P7 - Beginning of the School Year

These exemplar narratives follow the core learning chosen by the John Ogilvie cluster group/working group, and the Our Lady's/Cardinal Newman cluster group/working group and contained in the diocesan planning exemplars:
P7 Beginning of Year short version (click to open)
P7 Beginning of Year long version (click to open)


Exemplar narrative 1:

John Ogilvie cluster group

Lesson 1: 

- a hymn to honour Mary linked to the feast of the Assumption (Editor note: Hail, Queen of heaven; Look down, O mother Mary?)
- statues/paintings/icons celebrating Our Lady on display

Lesson 2:  
- Feast of the Assumption: discuss what it means
- the idea of a 'holyday of obligation'

Lesson 3:
- introduce the liturgical calendar - where are we now?  e.g. years A, B, or C
- match the altar colour with the liturgical colour

Lesson 4:
- establish that Luke is the P7 gospel writer
- look up some scripture passages from Luke as per core learning for class discussion

Assessement ideas:
Write:    Write an explanation of what a 'holyday of obligation' is.
Say:       Sing a hymn to Mary
               Know the date of the Assumption
Make:     Create own representation of Mary
                Make images to match liturgical calendar
                Stained-glass window of Mary
Do:          Research altar colour and liturgical colour and create picture describing what each colour symbolises

Exemplar narrative 2:

St Andrew's and St Bride's cluster meeting group

- Focus on colours of the liturgical year and seasons.  Focus for prayer area colour to reflect the liturgical season. Beginnings: Genesis.  Look at the cycle of the year, seasons, recycling. 

- Children use bible for searching passages
- Bible quiz, "find 5 names, find about the person and their story"
- Work in pairs to find specific passages from Luke's Gospel

- Revise new Mass responses

(Other activities:
- First Friday Mass
- Our Lady's birthday
- Writing poerty: sense poem for that particular part of the year)

Assessment Ideas:
Write:    Prayer for 'buddy' in P1.
              Commitment/targets for P.7.
Say:       Learn and recite the 'Nicene Creed'.
              Recite school prayers/Mass responses.
              Say commitment at class/school assembly.
Make:    Design and make a liturgical calendar.
              Group work - each group take responsibility for dresssing altar at 
              certain times of year.
Do:        Prayer service/Class Assembly.
              Find a specific passage within the Bible.
              Outdoor appreciation of seasons (trees through the seasons)

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