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P7 - Confirmation

New diocesan Confirmation materials

Announcing the launch of the new diocesan sacramental materials for the Sacrament of Confirmation! These are the fruit of collaboration among teachers from all over the Diocese of Motherwell along with Fr Stephen Reilly over the past few months.

The teacher materials are available in interactive Prezi format by clicking on this link.  Navigation is intuitive: click on/touch a box to make it bigger, and click outside the box to make it smaller.


Alternatively, focus on each box in sequence by pressing the right arrow on your keyboard. Click here for a short Powerpoint introduction to how the Prezi document for Confirmation works.

The same teacher materials are available to download in Powerpoint format by clicking on this link

The same teacher materials are available to download in PDF format by clicking on this link.

New Diocesan Family Workbooks to accompany these teacher materials are available to order by contacting Bill Doran at the Diocesan Centre at 

For information about a parish-based programme of Confirmation preparation entitled Faith Friends, click here.

CPD is available for teachers on the use of these materials:

North Lanarkshire/Glasgow   
Tuesday 3rd September 2013, 3.45pm – 5.30pm
Venue: John Paul Primary, Viewpark (G71 5DG)
Cost: £20 per participant

South Lanarkshire/Glasgow
Wednesday 4th September 2013, 3.45pm – 5.30pm
Venue: St Cuthbert’s Primary, Burnbank (ML3 0RG)
Cost: £20 per participant

These courses can also be booked by contacting Bill Doran at the Diocesan Centre at

A new website for parents, which helps them to complete the workbooks, and gives them further information about the sacraments, is available at

Many thanks are due to the members of the Confirmation writing team: Lynne Collins, Cheryl Farrell, Laura Finlay, Michelle Fullerton, Elizabeth Gibson, Jennifer Graham, Frank Kearns, Joanne Murrie, Caroline Pitcathley, Brenda O’Hara, Lauren Renicks, Heather Sludden, and Patricia Walker, and to their head teachers for their support. 


P7 Confimation


Specific core learning in TIOF addresses preparation for Confirmation, and can also be found in the diocesan planning exemplars:

P7 Confirmation short version (click to open)

P7 Confirmation long version (click to open)


Click to listen to a podcast, aimed at teachers, about Priest, Prophet and King

2 useful webistes for researching Confirmation saints are as follows:   

‘Fun facts’ cartoon series about many well and less well known saints   

Stories of the saints written in the first person, for children


A helpful powerpoint document about Confirmation, written by Julie Neil as part of a Farmington Fellowship, can be downloaded here


Click here for a powerpoint lesson-starter about the Gifts of the Holy Spirit (many thanks to St Timothy's, Coatbridge)

Click here for a powerpoint lesson-starter about the Fruits of the Holy Spirit (many thanks to St Timothy's, Coatbridge)


Diocesan Coat of Arms - What Does It All Mean?

We have been asked to provide an Interpretation of the Diocesan Coat of Arms.  Please see the two pages below.

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