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P7 - Pentecost & Trinity Sunday

These exemplar narratives follow the core learning chosen by the John Ogilvie cluster group/working group, and the Our Lady's/Cardinal Newman cluster group/working group and contained in the diocesan planning exemplars:
P7 Pentecost/Trinity short version (click to open)
P7 Pentecost/Trinity long version (click to open)


A cross-curricular scriptural planner based on the Trinity, written by Julie Neil and Anthony Hutcheson as a part of a Farmington Fellowship, can be downloaded here.

Click to hear a podcast, aimed at teachers, about the Our Father
Click to hear a podcast, aimed at teachers, about Mission in the Church


Exemplar narrative 1:

Taylor High cluster

- In a Confirmation year there will be an overlap with Pentecost and Trinity Sunday.

- To ensure all the E's and O's are taught  refer to relevent Scripture  in 2-04a  when teaching the theme of the Holy Spirit.

- 2-05a - At the end of confirmation there would be a focus on the importance of prayer in Jesus life, especially in decision making and important moments, and link this to the mystery of the Trinity.

- Discuss the unique relationship between Jesus, Father and Holy Spirit and how depended on them. Link this to the importance of parental support , as well as parish and community.

(Editor note: this could be completed by reference to the Our Father and the Creed, as per core learning)

Write - Own prayers focusing on importance of Jesus in their lives
          - Write about people who are important to them
          - Write about times when prayer has been importasnt in their own lives
          - Write about a unique relationship they have.

Say - Discuss relationship between Jesus, Father and Holy Spirit and who 
          depended on them          
       - Discuss the Holy Trinity
       - Prayer service/circle with personal intentions
       - Pray the creed
       - Hymn singing, Father in my life
       - Discuss the relationship of the Trinity, link to family, school, parish and

Make - Comparison between them receiving the Holy Spirit in the form of the
             candle and the apostles receiving it in the form of a flame
          - Trinity, shamrocks
          - Personal prayer card
          - Create a symbol to represent the Trinity.

Do - Bible search, Jesus involved in the prayer
      - Research Pentecost and Trinity Sunday
      - Research moments where Jesus' prayer involved in prayer, Bible search.

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