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Exemplar narrative 1:

Cardinal Newman Cluster meeting P7 group

- Revise the 10 commandments + story of Moses (download from Instant Display website )

-Create their own commandments - relative to their own lives

-Internet (Library research on passover)

-Class display of artefacts and symbols

-Drama -recreate the passover meal - references from the Bible

-Internet/library research on Hannukkah - Feast of Light

-Drama -recreate story - read story from sections in the Bible

-Talk from Rabbi/visit to synagogue

-Link to P7 Holy Week


- Diocese of Motherwell OWR Boooklets

- Places of Worship -CD Rom

- Non-Fiction Library Books

Write - Write own commandments
         - Create information facts
         - Drama script
         - Notes on passover
         - Create a visualiser following visit to synagogue.

Say - Discuss own commandments and be able to explain
       - Present findings from visit to group/class.

Make - Make models of artefacts related
          - Tablets of stone with 10 commandments/class rules.
          - Artefacts and symbols.

Do - Compare similarities/differences between Judaism and Christianity
      - Research Bible stories
      - Research passover
      - Act out the passover
      - Research Hannukkah
      - Recreate Feast of Light
      - Visit to Synagogue.

P7 - Other World Religions

These exemplar narratives follow the core learning chosen by the John Ogilvie cluster group/working group, and the Our Lady's/Cardinal Newman cluster group/working group and contained in the diocesan planning exemplars:
P7 OWR short version (click to open)
P7 OWR long version (click to open)


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