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P7 - Throughout the Year

View the P7 Throughout the Year core learning here:

P7 Throughout the Year short version (click to open)

P7 Throughout the Year long version (click to open)

P7 TIOF core learning which could be experienced at different times throughout the year (not in any one liturgical season or theme) was sorted into the Throughout the Year  category by the John Ogilvie, and the Taylor/OLHS cluster meeting.

Broadly speaking, core learning in this category would be experienced in such things as:

- the prayer life and good prayer habits of a class, and experience of liturgy
- the prominent place and reverence afforded to scripture
- positive and just relationships within the class, and living Christian values of forgiveness, kindness, friendship etc.
as well as through the whole school ethos.

The Throughout the Year 'theme' should be referenced by the teacher as the year progresses, as not all core learning will be covered effortlessly.


Click to see a powerpoint about the making and spirituality of icons, in this case an icon of St Ninian, written as part of a Farmington fellowship

Listen below to a podcast, aimed at teachers, about the Liturgical colours


Liturgical Colours - RCDOM Education
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